Getting Children Off to a Great Start

“Childhood is life’s most precious season,” says Barbara Simpson, director of Mayberry Hill Preschool. Recent research underscores Barbara’s understanding. It is the formative years of 0-5 that help establish who a child will be, his or her character and direction of life. It is during this time that the brain develops and much of its wiring is laid down. Research shows that the educational experiences a child has during this time affect his or her mental growth enormously. With good experiences, the brain develops in healthy ways. So the experiences and the learning through play opportunities children have in the early years can support them for the rest of their lives.

Nothing is as important as getting children off to a good start, because with a good start, everything else can fall into place. A good start is the goal of Mayberry Hill Preschool.

How Parents Feel About the Mayberry Hill Preschool Experience

“We wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have found your wonderful pre-school. Our boys look forward to going everyday – they even want to go on the weekends! We are so thrilled by how much they are learning, how they enjoy playing with their friends, and how happy they are. Your school is a treasure and the love and the knowledge you give our children is an immeasurable gift. We feel very blessed that you are part of ‘the village’ helping us to raise our children.” —Mayberry Hill Preschool parent

“Yesterday one of the volunteers in my son's kindergarten class complimented me on how well-behaved he was in class, what a good listener he was. I immediately thought of you and how patient you were with him last year. I know he is a better person now, and will forever be, because of your kind, generous loving care.” —Mayberry Hill Preschool parent

“Thank you for creating this very special place and for loving, teaching and guiding all of these children every day. Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom with them. Thank you for your lessons and your planning and all your hard work! Thank you for picking them up and loving them when they are hurt or sad. Thank you for your genuine appreciation for every child you encounter. Thank you for being the kind of person that has helped me be more patient and loving and understanding with my own children as well. Mayberry Hill has been a blessing to our whole family and we are very grateful.” —Mayberry Hill Preschool parent


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